In addition to photography as showcased on this website, I have embarked on various other endeavors. On this page, you’ll discover a brief overview of our other brands along with links to different websites for more in-depth details.

Valentina Brenters Photography

Make you shine

My objective is to seize my clients’ most cherished moments and illuminate them. I have a deep affection for natural light, which I extensively incorporate into my photographs.

StudioLuz Breda

daylight Studio

StudioLuz Breda, a two-floor daylight studio in Breda (Netherlands), is a haven for content creators. Abundant natural light enhances this versatile space, providing the perfect environment for creative endeavors.


Presets and Brushes

Terralou offers a treasure trove of creativity with stunning presets, brushes, and templates. Elevate your photography with ease.

Art Becomes You

Boudoir Photography

Art Becomes You is your boudoir photography expert. With an exquisite eye for capturing sensuality and confidence, we transform moments into captivating art.